WCK by Mikel Urmeneta

Month: June 2022


WCKbyMikelUrmeneta WCK/José Andrés by Mikel Urmeneta / Santurce, Puerto Rico Santurce, Puerto Rico, Oct 2020Local market – World Central Kitchen hosts the Santurce Food Market at the Miramar Food Truck Park to offer a wide variety of local products. The market also features special events, including live music, theatre, guided tours, as well as workshops …

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WCKbyMikelUrmeneta WCK/José Andrés by Mikel Urmeneta / Hawaii, USA Hawaii, USA, May 2018Volcano – As entire communities were laid waste by the Kilauea eruption that started, a new global food chain opened in Pahoa. The WCK, to make from-scratch meals prepared daily by the group’s all-volunteer crew. World Central Kitchen has been preparing approximately 830 …

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Virgin Islands

WCKbyMikelUrmeneta WCK/José Andrés by Mikel Urmeneta / Virgin Islands, USA Virgin Islands, USA, 2020Agricultural learning centre for communities impacted by climate change – Nineteen food-related businesses across the US Virgin Islands and The Bahamas recently received grants through WCK’s to support communities disproportionately impacted by climate change by building resilient local food systems and strengthening …

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Del Río

WCKbyMikelUrmeneta WCK/José Andrés by Mikel Urmeneta / Del Rio, Texas, USA Del Rio, Texas, USA, Sep 2021Refugees – 100,000 meals served in Del Rio, Texas by WCK at the US-Mexico border. Thousands of asylum seekers – primarily Haitian – crossed the Rio Grande, taking shelter under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. What started as …

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