WCK by Mikel Urmeneta

Digital collectibles auction (42 NFTs)
WCK/José Andrés by Mikel Urmeneta

The auction will take place from June 14 at 09:00 (EST) to June 20 at 20:00 (EST)

14 June at 15:00h (CET) to 21 June at 02:00h (CET)

Auction of 42 digital collectibles (NFTs)

for humanitarian purposes, that recreate scenes from different parts of the world affected by various disasters and in which the World Central Kitchen Foundation and the chef José Andrés have brought food and hope. Conceived and created by the artist Mikel Urmeneta.

AUCTION 13 - 16 June, 2022

This is an auction that wants to turn art into food.
People who are in Nassau affected by a disaster, can feed themselves through an NFT bought by other people who are in Boston? The answer is yes. They can!

The WCK Foundation founded by chef José Andrés travels to different parts of the planet hit by tragedy, to give a meal to those in need.

Masky! was born 3 years ago with the COVID-19 pandemic. A character that the founder artist of Kukuxumusu, Mikel Urmeneta, made on behalf of José Andrés to brighten those moments of confusion and confinement.

Masky! He is presented in this collection of NFTs as a narrator of dozens of humanitarian operations that both José Andrés and WCK have carried out around the world.

Mikel Urmeneta, frames as stamps these 42 digital collectibles as a metaphor for the global coverage given by the WCK foundation. The creations show in a friendly and positive way, situations that are really extremely harsh.
85% of the money raised from this auction will be allocated as direct funds to WCK, which probably today, is one of the most effective organizations on the planet facing up a crisis. The remaining 15% will be used to cover expenses form IT, logistics, creativity etc…arising from Urmeneta’s initiative, as well as to enable him to continue generating NFTs.

José Andrés and Mikel Urmeneta have known each other for 20 years and have done many projects together, but this one in particular, draws the profile of both of them. Profiles that enable them to make from cooking, from food, from art or drawings, a help tool. Urmeneta from his freedom and WCK and José Andrés from its efficient solidarity structure, converge to raise funds and continue to give a meal there, where it’s needed.

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World Central Kitchen for Mikel, is a small miracle that shows what is possible to do with a good will, work and perseverance. WCK is not a mainstream foundation, it is an organization in effective and constant action. That sets them apart from many other good people: WCK manages to get quickly to any place in the world immersed in a tragedy. Therefore, people feel their agility and humanity, and that, that same morning, that afternoon or in the early morning, they will be able to eat hot meal.

José Andrés

José Andrés, for Mikel Urmeneta, is between a great chef, a great businessman and an astonishing angel; a unique person who has found in his profession the formula to help the most vulnerable on the planet. Every time a disaster hits anywhere in the world, there it is José Andrés helping.
For Urmeneta, José Andrés lives and helps to live. He is smart, tireless and generous. He is basically a good person.

Mikel Urmeneta

Mikel Urmeneta for himself, is an artist in continuous evolution who was distracted in the world of creative enterprise. He knows he’s a well-known and imaginative person. Founder of Kukuxumusu, he built a vast and recognizable illustrative cosmos for more than 30 years. He has no doubt that the cryptoart has given him a brilliant opportunity to continue creating. He is a friend of José Andrés and, therefore, he also believes to be a good person himself.



Masky! is a character born during the pandemic. It was commissioned by José Andrés to Mikel Urmeneta. He was intended to be a character close to the people, positive in the face of adversity, compliant with all the preventive measures against the Covid, with solidarity initiative, with a voluntary mentality… a human character. Mikel, with his simple stroke, portrayed really a young José Andrés.